My Soul to Take (The Holy Trinity, #2)

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The second book in the Holy Trinity Trilogy:

When Trinity escaped a worldwide apocalyptic plague in the arms of Gerik, a Scandinavian Gypsy, she never imagined they would be soul mates . . . or what that even meant. Xan showed Trinity that love could save her from the seemingly unbreakable ties she had to Gerik . . . or so she thought.

After a brutal attack on camp and being abandoned outside of the wards, Trinity, now possessing her own - and very unstable - magical powers, is left to her own devices surrounded by Skin Eaters and all other dangers of the unknown.

Now, Trinity is alone. Having no idea where her husband, her soul mate, or the Popa Clan are, Trinity is forced to discover her powers on her own.

On a journey full of self-discovery, chance encounters, unwelcome news, and enlightenment, Trinity is fighting for survival in a world where the only thing certain is death.

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My Soul to Take (The Holy Trinity, #2)

Author: Madeline Sheehan

Publication Date: September 26, 2012

Publisher: Madeline Sheehan

Pages: 208

Format: Kindle Edition

4.21 of 1,299

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