Shakespeare's R and J (Modern Plays)

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A refreshing contemporary adaptation of Shakespeare's tragedy In an exclusive boys' boarding school, where students are forbidden to read Romeo &Juliet, four students put on a secret production of the play which brings violence, betrayal, lust, love and mortality into their own lives. "This is a thrilling piece of work, both study aid and gripping theatre" John Peter, The Sunday Times "I'd forgotten the play could be so good. I seemed to hear the words for the first time" Jeremy Kingston, The Times "Prepare for a bracing and brilliant shock to the inspired new theatrical take on this early masterpiece" Paul Taylor, IndependentThis award-winning play, which ran for a year in New York, is published to tie in with the Arts Theatre, London run in early September 2003

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Shakespeare's R and J (Modern Plays)

Authors: William Shakespeare, Joe Calarco

ISBN: 0413774023

3.74 of 2

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