Who's on the Loo?

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Children who have reached the toilet-training stage will think this is the funniest book they've ever seen! Parents will smile, too, as children and parents turn the pages to discover who's on the loo. The colour illustrations are large and bold, and the story concludes with a flush sound button for children to press. A little duck watches as several animals take turns sitting on the toilet accompanied by amusing text - a gentle encouragement to toddlers who are toilet training. The book's final two-page spread features a pop-up showing all the other animals shouting 'bravo!' as the little duck flushes the toilet.

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Who's on the Loo?

Author: Benoît Charlat

ISBN: 1909645095

ISBN 13: 9781909645097

Publication Date: January 01, 2014

Publisher: Scribblers

Pages: 16

Format: Hardcover

5.00 of 4

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