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Irregularity is a collaboration between the National Maritime Museum and award-winning publisher Jurassic London: a collection of original stories from some of the most exciting voices in contemporary fiction.

Irregularity is inspired by the great thinkers of the Age of Reason - those courageous men and women who set out to map, chart, name and classify the world around them. The great minds who brought order and discipline to the universe.

Except where they didn't.

The anthology contains new stories from Nick Harkaway, Claire North, Adam Roberts, E. J. Swift, Tiffani Angus, Rose Biggin, Kim Curran, Richard de Nooy, Archie Black, Simon Guerrier, Roger Luckhurst, Henrietta Rose-Innes, James Smythe, M. Suddain and Adam Roberts. It also includes an afterword from Sophie Waring and Richard Dunn, Head of Science and Technology and Royal Museums Greenwich.

The stories are illustrated by Gary Northfield, based on imagery from the archives of the National Maritime Museum. The cover is by Howard Hardiman, showing "Resolution".

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Publisher: Jurassic London

Pages: 302

ISBN: 0992817218

ISBN 13: 9780992817213

Publication Date: July 24, 2014

Format: PDF, Audiobook, Epub, Kindle, Docx, Paperback

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