Costly Affair (Love, Lies and Liaisons, #1)

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Costly Affair is the second novel in a love, lies and liaisons trilogy. It follows Signature Affair that exposed the disturbing life of Steve Schilling, a highly successful university president. Again, his adroit leadership skills are tested as he turns around a financially-troubled university. Politically astute, Steve outfoxes scheming faculty members, raises millions of dollars, builds a new arena and gains broad respect. He develops a close, loving-relationship with a beautiful and powerful media guru and treats her as if she's the only one. Alas, she is not. Steve's long-standing sexual addiction makes it impossible for him to distinguish between sex and love. Striving to make women happy, his life vexes him as he copes with personal desires and professional challenges.

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Costly Affair (Love, Lies and Liaisons, #1)

Author: Les Cochran

ISBN: 1618639129

ISBN 13: 9781618639127

Publication Date: September 01, 2014

Publisher: Bookstand Publishing

Pages: 350

Format: Paperback

3.75 of 12

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