Lose #7

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The multi-award winning Lose series is Michael DeForge's comics laboratory. The art form is pushed to its limits in these first-time-in-full-color pages. Revel in a cartoonist at the height of his powers exploring the eccentricities of a woman who befriends her dad's doppelganger, and the realities of a flightless bird/boy hybrid.

Michael DeForge currently lives and works in Toronto as a cartoonist, commercial illustrator, and designer for the hit Cartoon Network program Adventure Time. His one-person anthology series Lose has received great critical and commercial success, having been nominated for every major comics award including the Ignatz and Eisner Awards.

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Lose #7

Author: Michael DeForge

ISBN: 1927668182

ISBN 13: 9781927668184

Publication Date: September 15, 2015

Publisher: Koyama Press

Pages: 52

Format: Paperback

4.22 of 113

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