The Angel Moroni: A History of Mormonism

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The Angel Moroni came down from heaven and directed Joseph Smith to the location of the golden tablets. As the tablets were inscribed with an ancient hieroglyphic language, the angel also provided Joseph Smith with needed translation information. This is the story of the beginning of the creation of a new world religion, as told by Bea Baker, a Grandaugter of two of the original pioneers (Edmond Ellsworth and Charles Crismon) and Mormon founders. The original hand typed books had been stored for over 30 years, and only a few copies had ever been seen by friends and family members.

Much of the new information contained herein came from family accounts passed on from generation to generation.' Most of the information is factual, and the material provi ed has been substantiated by biographies and historical evidence.

Whether you are a Mormon looking for additional information, or are just curious asto how one of the fastest growing religions in the world started, you will find the enclosed fascinating and historically informative. (Mormon settlers, immigrants and adventurers were also instrumental in the colonization of the western territories in the 1800's).

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The Angel Moroni: A History of Mormonism

Author: Allen Kelley

ISBN: 1546378936

ISBN 13: 9781546378938

Publication Date: April 28, 2017

Publisher: Sedona Red Rock Publishing

Pages: 198

Format: Paperback

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