Cousteau's Great White Shark

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Few creatures are more feared, more talked about, and less known than the great white shark. To learn more about this formidable ocean dweller, the Cousteau team mounted a two-and-a-half year expedition to the south coast of Australia involving some 40 scientists, divers, cameramen, and sailors. This is the story, in words, photographs, and drawings, of the study and all that was learned from it about shark behaviour and biology. Myths and lore about the great white are dispelled, leaving an indelible image of a powerful predator of the seas.

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Cousteau's Great White Shark

Authors: Jean-Michel Cousteau, Mose Richards

ISBN: 0810981343

ISBN 13: 9780810981348

Publication Date: February 01, 1995

Publisher: Harry N. Abrams

Pages: 176

Format: Hardcover

4.43 of 40

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