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There wasn’t much I wanted out of life but having my bakery succeed, being able to continue doing what I loved to do, and finding a woman who could make me feel whole.

And then the moment she walked into my bakery, I knew there would be no other for me.

For months, I watched her sit at that little table in the corner and read. For months, I thought of a million different things I wanted to say to her.

I might not have stalked her, but I sure as hell wanted to. I thought about it. Finding more out about Zara, and all the things I wanted to do to her, had become an obsession. 
Zara was gorgeous and curvy … exactly the type of woman I fantasized about having by my side.

But finding the courage to man up and go after what I wanted—her—was harder than I thought. I guess when you find the perfect person for you, the idea of being rejected could turn anyone into a coward.

Until one day I wasn’t willing to let her walk by without me saying something to her. I couldn’t stay away. I wanted more.

Whipped, that’s what I was, but only for Zara.

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