Venusian Apocalypse (Mutant Chronicles 3rd edition

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Flames of Damnation

Legends tells of six Seals spread throughout the solar system. Six Seals of Repulsion with which to contain the power of the Dark Soul and its minions.

Only one has ever been uncovered, with near apocalyptic results. Will the chance discovery of the Second Seal finally bring humanity to its knees?

The Venusian Apocalypse is an epic campaign that revisits and expands upon the original material. Armour your soul and absolve your sins, for judgement is upon you!

• Four Part Campaign: The three original parts of the campaign have been updated to Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition. An entirely new fourth part brings the campaign to an explosive finale.

• Insidious Threats: The release of the Second Seal unleashes a new Taint upon the solar system, one which threatens to implode the very foundations of the Homebuilders.

• Venus Aflame: The repercussions of the Seal’s release stretch from the depths of the Venusian Jungle to the very streets of the Bauhausian capitol of Heimburg.

• All New Pre-gens: Four new characters have been provided, with backgrounds linked to events transpiring on Venus, so that play can begin unimpeded.

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Venusian Apocalypse (Mutant Chronicles 3rd edition

Authors: Clive Oldfield, Marc Langworthy, Nathan Dowdell, Brian Casey, Matthew Comben, Thomas Shook, Red Scar, Toma Feizo Gas, Benn Beaton, Bill Heron, T.R. Knight

ISBN 13: 9781910132562

Publication Date: July 26, 2016

Pages: 174

Format: Paperback

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