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Surely never such had existed before - a misshapen dwarf, with squinting eyes, distorted features, and a body deformed, till it became a horror to behold.

Having squandered his wealth, the feckless Guido returns home to claim the hand of the celestial Juliet, but finds himself censured by her father. Petulant at his chastisement, his Byronic temperament gets the better of him, and he is punished with banishment. Plotting his revenge, he witnesses a mighty tempest, and from the raging sea emerges a strange figure. Although he is initially repelled by the dwarfish form before him, the stranger soon makes him an offer he can't refuse, but by surrendering his identity and selling his soul to this mysterious creature, Guido makes yet another fatal error.

A macabre, sinister and supernatural tale, Mary Shelley's Transformation is a masterpiece of Gothic writing. It is accompanied by The Mortal Immortal and The Evil Eye. , two further stories of the supernatural, both of which display the perfection of Shelley's literary craft.

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Publisher: Hesperus Press

Pages: 83

ISBN: 1843910950

ISBN 13: 9781843910954

Publication Date: July 01, 2004

Format: PDF, Audiobook, Epub, Kindle, Docx, Paperback

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